Increase your Testosterone to Lose Man Boobs

Increase your Testosterone to Lose Man BoobsIf you’re suffering from man boobs and you’re over the age of puberty, low testosterone levels are probably the root cause of your condition. Many guys have to deal with unwanted man boobs. This condition is known as Gynecomastia and it’s remarkably common. Generally, it happens because testosterone levels decrease. You may rest assured that there are ways to increase natural testosterone production with a mind to losing man boobs.

Man boobs make men feel self-conscious. They have a feminine appearance and this is last thing that most men want to have. Excess breast tissue is just plain embarrassing and guys who have Gynecomastia go to great lengths in order to conceal their excess breast tissue.

Everyone should enjoy their body and be proud of it, even if it isn’t perfect. Man boobs make it harder for men to love themselves and to feel manly and special. This is why every man with Gynecomastia will benefit from discovering the most effective treatments for this common condition…

It’s possible to change the look of your chest, for the better. If you’ve been feeling depressed about your man boobs, our tips will help you to take control and to feel happier with your body!

How to Get Started

If you’ve spoken to a doctor about Gynecomastia, he or she may have tested your testosterone levels. Those who test low for this hormone may be prescribed hormone shots. Shots of testosterone are referred to as testosterone replacement therapy and they do promote a reduction or elimination of man boobs.

However, hormone injections aren’t the only treatment out there. If you’re interested in trying out other therapies, rather than injecting a lab-created hormone, which may trigger side effects, there are other treatment strategies which are more holistic.

That being said, testosterone injections are effective treatments for man boobs.

Stop Utilizing Anabolic Steroids

lose-weight-to-boost-testosteroneSometimes, what you don’t do is as important as what you do. This is why you need to understand that most anabolic steroids promote the development of man boobs, post-cycle. Your body will stop making its own testosterone when you finish a cycle with anabolic steroids, because it got a surge of testosterone from an external source during the beginning of your steroid cycle.

Your body will attempt to balance hormone levels by stopping the production of testosterone. Once it stops receiving testosterone from an external source, it will take a long time before the body begins to produce the hormone again. During this downtime, man boobs often develop.

So, avoiding cycles of anabolic steroids will definitely be a good way to avoid the risk of man boobs.

Also, keep your weight in check. Men who are obese or even a bit overweight may gain in their chest areas and it’s pretty easy to reverse the look of weight-related man boobs by dropping the excess pounds. While losing weight isn’t always simple, it’s a great way to flatten the male chest for a manlier look.

As a bonus, weight loss will raise your natural testosterone levels, unless you’re dealing with hormone production slowdown due to a steroid cycle. So, weight loss will have dual benefits.

Getting enough sleep will also be a great way to produce more natural testosterone. Those who sleep longer make more of this hormone, which “fights” the development of man boobs.

Certain foods are also linked with higher testosterone production. The best foods to reach for include ricotta cheese, shrimp, coconuts and pumpkin seeds. Other fine choices are wheat bran and strawberries.

Consider Natural Dietary Supplements

Lastly, consider choosing a natural dietary supplement which enhances your own testosterone production. There are tons of these formulas on the market. It’s important to read a lot of customer reviews before you select this type of supplement. Look for high-performing supplements (Amazon affiliate link) which get rave reviews from guys. Also, be certain that you’re choosing something pure and organic which won’t trigger unwanted side effects. Most of these formulas are very beneficial and work without caused negative side effects.

The beauty of supplements is that they get results without the risks of testosterone injections. Side effects of testosterone injections include depression, nausea and vomiting (to name just a few).

By using all of our tips, you’ll be able to reduce or eliminate man boobs and feel better about your body.

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