Do You Have Gynecomastia or Man Boobs?

Do You Have Gynecomastia or Man Boobs?A lot of guys suffer from Gynecomastia, which is also referred to as, “man boobs”. It’s safe to say that no guy wants man boobs. In fact, people make plenty of mean jokes about man boobs (on the Web and in the real world) and a lot of guys are extremely self-conscious about having them.

While most jokes about man boobs are lighthearted, they still hurt guys who have them…

While man boobs are typically a cosmetic issue (in other words, they’re usually harmless from a health perspective), they still trigger a lot of embarrassment and shame. This is why men need to learn how to get rid of man boobs, why they happen and what can be done about the problem.

If you do have this problem, you need to know that there are things that can be done about it. Much depends on how old you are and why you have Gynecomastia. Generally speaking, not everyone has Gynecomastia which is typically harder to get rid of. Most of the cases of so called Gynecomastia is due to being overweight.

Treatment Options Vary By Age

If you’re a male who is in puberty, your man boobs may go away as you enter manhood. They are probably being caused by hormone shifts related to puberty. As you age, your chest will expand, your hormone levels will stabilize and you should notice real improvements.

Most boys notice man boobs developing between the ages of ten and fourteen – by the time they are eighteen or so, the condition reverses itself.

Adult males who suffer from Gynocomastia are usually also dealing with hormone shifts. Typically, too much estrogen and too little testosterone set the stage for this health issue. Reasons for hormone imbalances vary – some men develop man boobs because they take anabolic steroids.

Certain steroids, such as Dianabol, cause testosterone spikes. This testosterone increase comes from an external source (i.e. the steroid itself) and the body then tries to balance itself by shutting down natural hormone production of testosterone. This means that other hormones (such as estrogen) continue to be produced, while testosterone isn’t produced anymore. Man boobs will generally develop after a steroid cycle is complete, as the external source of testosterone has stopped and the body isn’t making any.

Since guys who take steroids do so in order to get big and ripped, man boobs are the last thing that they want! It’s unfortunate that this side effect is so common and it’s just one more reason to consider the risks of anabolic steroids before you take them in pill or injectable form.

While most guys who develop Gynecomastia due to steroid use are able to produce their own testosterone again after the body re-adjusts, post-cycle, it may take a long time before hormone-producing systems return to normal.

Certain guys don’t want to wait and they experiment with different treatments, from natural, testosterone-boosting supplements (Amazon affiliate link) to pectoral implants to liposuction to prescription medications, with a mind to flattening their chests for a more traditionally masculine look.

Weight Gain is Also a Trigger

Even non-steroid users over the age of eighteen may develop Gynecomastia. Some will do so because of weight gain. We all gain weight in certain places, due to genetics, and some guys are prone to excess “breast tissue” when they pack on the pounds. Losing weight is one simple way to improve the look of the pectoral area.

Proper diet and exercise are natural treatments for obesity-related Gynecomastia.

symptom of Gynecomastia

(above: symptom of Gynecomastia)

Do Testosterone-boosting Supplements Work?

Supplements which increase natural production of testosterone may be able to reverse or minimize the look of man boobs. Some of these formulas are better than others. The purest, most concentrated formulas, which are fortified with natural active ingredients, tend to produce exceptional results. Examples of all-natural ingredients which are linked with enhanced natural production of the male hormone, testosterone, include Maca extract (Amazon affiliate link), the mineral known as Zinc and Vitamin D (Amazon affiliate link).

If you’re in puberty and you have man boobs, waiting for improvement is the best strategy. If you’re a steroid user, ceasing treatment with anabolic steroids will be the best way to eliminate man boobs – however, your body may need a lot of time to get back to normal. If you’re overweight, slimming down may help a lot.

If you don’t fit into any of these categories, we recommend that you talk to a doctor today. Lastly, consider natural supplements which boost testosterone production – they are great ways to improve the look of your chest, without dangerous side effects.

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