Diet That Helps to Lose Man Boobs

Diet That Helps to Lose Man BoobsIf you have a tendency to grow “man boobs” and you desperately want to get rid of them, you’re certainly not alone. After all, this type of breast tissue isn’t something that typically makes men feel masculine, sexy or powerful.

Breasts are associated with women. This means that men who have prominent breast tissue may become very self-conscious about it. For example, guys who have man boobs may be quite compulsive about covering them with baggy shirts and avoiding situations where other people may see them bare-chested.

Since there are plenty of places where men are expected to be bare-chested, from the locker room to the bedroom to the beach and beyond, choosing a diet that will alleviate dreaded man boobs will be the best way to access more self-confidence in every situation.

Help is Out There

It is possible to improve this condition, which is known by the scientific term, gynecomastia. One of the best ways to do so is to embrace a diet which is specially designed to turn man boobs into firm pectoral muscles!

To help you learn how to eat in order to reduce the look of man boobs, we’ve created a detailed guideline. Our no-nonsense guide is loaded with tips from the experts, rather than a bunch of fluff.

Without further ado, let’s look at the foods which will help to reverse of minimize the symptoms of gynecomastia…

First, let’s talk about hormones and how they may cause man boobs to form in the first place…

You May Have Low Testosterone

boost testosterone levels naturallyIf you’re training in order to firm your muscles, but you still have man boobs, your low testosterone level may be hindering your fitness progress. One signal that low testosterone is an issue is a weaker libido.

It’s possible to boost testosterone levels naturally via a special diet and this is one of the keys to improving gynocomastia. For example, if your diet is heavy on wheat, you may be producing more female hormone (estrogen). As well, if you’re not getting enough fat in your diet, you may not be making enough testosterone to enjoy a strong libido and to develop impressive and masculine pecs in the gym.

To correct these issues, lay off the wheat, eat more good fats and definitely add more egg yolks to your daily diet. You may not realize that male hormone is created from cholesterol and this is found in eggs. The form of cholesterol which is found in egg yolks won’t boost your bad LDL levels, so you may eat eggs without fear. As well, skip flax seeds if you’ve been eating them in order to be healthy. They tend to mimic the effects of estrogen and this is what you don’t want!

Another dietary culprit is soy. A lot of people already realize that soy contains isoflavones which are estrogenic. However, some people don’t know that they are eating soy products which mimic female hormones in terms of their effect on the male body. It’s best to find substitutes for soy, and some fine substitutes include almond milk, rice milk and hemp milk. Lay off the soy milk for a while and monitor your progress. If you give up all of the estrogenic foods that we’ve discussed here, you may notice measurable improvement over the short term.

In terms of “power foods” for building more masculine pectoral muscles, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli top the list (after egg yolks).

Consider Taking Dietary Supplements

Dietary SupplementsSometimes, it’s hard to build everything that we need in order to combat man boobs into our daily diets. While getting great nutrition via the power foods that we’ve listed here is very important, you may also experiment with dietary supplements. The best supplements for this purpose are Maca (Amazon affiliate link) and Zinc (Amazon affiliate link). Both tend to spark higher testosterone levels in the body.

We don’t recommend hormone shots. They trigger side effects and it’s usually possible to reduce man boobs without going to the extreme of injecting synthetic hormones. However, there are supplements known as testosterone boosters, which contain natural extracts that may increase natural testosterone production.

If you want to try a testosterone booster (Amazon affiliate link), look for a pure and natural formula with a strong and positive reputation. Read product reviews from actual customers before investing in this type of supplement. Some are overhyped, while others may contain useful ingredients, including Maca and Zinc.

Foods to Help get rid of Man Boobs

Choosing the right foods can play a big role in whether you have increased breast tissue. Below we have listed some of the good and bad and the ugly when it comes to affecting the size of your man boobs, so read on to find out what you should avoid and what could be beneficial on your dinner plate

Foods that you should be eating:

egg yolks, shrimp, crab, lean beef, beef liver, watermelon seeds, lobster, peanuts, salmon, squash seeds, shrimp, dark chocolate, brown rice, lima beans, spinach, turkey

Foods that you should NOT eating:

rice, potatoes, apples, yams, plums, pumpkin, carrots, barley, oats, red beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, soybeans, cherries, chickpeas, olive oil, eggplant, dates, eggs, parsley, peppers, wheat,

It’s worth pointing out that you shouldn’t try and eliminate all of these foods from your diet but eating them in moderation is the best way to keep a balanced diet because these foods have natural amount of estrogen in them which can defeat the body’s fat burning ability.

Talk to Your Doctor

If a diet which is rich in testosterone-boosting foods – and avoidance of estrogenic foods – isn’t getting results, it may be time to talk to your family doctor. He or she will be able to perform diagnostic tests which isolate the root cause of your gynecomastia health condition. In teen boys, this condition usually reverses itself by manhood. In adult men, help from doctors may be needed in order to get results.

So, try dietary changes and add some supplements to the mix. Then, track your results. Be patient, as change won’t happen overnight. Usually, several weeks will be needed before results are measurable. One idea is to take digital photos of your chest at regular intervals – pictures don’t lie and these photos will help you to decide whether or not you’re on the right track. If you don’t notice positive changes, visit your doctor and ask for advice. There may be medications which will help. A lot will depend on your age and your medical history. Only a licensed physician will know what is best for your body.

Also, don’t stop exercising. Replacing man boobs with muscle will be easier when you’re within your ideal weight range. The truth is that a lot of overweight guys suffer from man boobs. They gain weight in their chests, as well as in other places. Dropping some pounds may be one of the easiest ways to eradicate man boobs, especially if your follow our anti-gynecomastia diet and take supplements which boost natural testosterone production.

You can change your body for the better – it will just take a little discipline. So, why not get started today?

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